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Sea tourism refers to pleasure travel in which the sea is the primary focus of activities. Ocean tourism comes in many forms including cruises, ecotourism, and fishing expeditions.

Coastal Tourism supports businesses like Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Outdoor fitters, Chartered fishing services and Travel agencies. It attracts a large number of domestic and inbound tourist for a country blessed with sea and ocean.

Travya Tour identifies and select one of the finest Sea routes of world that gives thrilling and memorable experience to the tourists.

Come to us and explore the journey through Sea with Travya Tour.

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2 Reviews
Travya Tour
Md. Asharzeb

I had a wonderful time! I love mountains. I had very much time spent on preparing to my first mountain climb. I loved how trainers and instructors helped me and the other guys from my group. There were neither difficulties nor problems. I got memorable impressions and I will come back!

Chandra Vancova

I’m an experienced climber and I went to an expedition with my friends. I loved friendly atmosphere and professional attitude of our instructors. We climbed the mountain effortlessly and everybody were happy! This sport is for adventurous and brave people. Thanks for awesome time!