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Safari refers to an adventure tour or expedition into the wilds – with no hunting involved. 

Safaris can involve walking through the wilderness, driving in 4×4 vehicles or by flying in light air craft. The purpose of a safari tour is to allow you to get intimate with the landscape and scenery.

Why go on a Safari?

  • Slow down and get in touch with the earth
  • Experience wildlife in their natural environment
  • Engage with local cultures and learn about their traditions
  • Take part in adventurous outdoor activities

The term SAFARI is a type of experience where you have the opportunity to observe and photograph wildlife. An African safari in an overland truck is an adventure with lots of sightseeing and activities. Specialist forms of safaris cater for a variety of needs and budgets.

Some examples include migratory safaris, birding, medical safaris, hiking, culinary, family, horse back and photographic safaris. A safari tour can range is length from a couple of days to longer overland trips. While the longer safari tours traverse over numerous countries and include 1-2 months of travel.

Lets Take a Look at the Journey
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Travya Tour
Md. Asharzeb

I had a wonderful time! I love mountains. I had very much time spent on preparing to my first mountain climb. I loved how trainers and instructors helped me and the other guys from my group. There were neither difficulties nor problems. I got memorable impressions and I will come back!

Chandra Vancova

I’m an experienced climber and I went to an expedition with my friends. I loved friendly atmosphere and professional attitude of our instructors. We climbed the mountain effortlessly and everybody were happy! This sport is for adventurous and brave people. Thanks for awesome time!