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Cruise tourism is a form of travelling for leisure purposes, involving an all-inclusive holiday on a cruise ship of at least 48 hours, according to a specific itinerary in which the cruise ship calls at several ports or cities.

The cruise industry is a modern phenomenon but it rooted from the early years of the 19th century. As travel by ship was the only means to travel overseas. The Duke of Bridgewater was initiated to start water transport services from Manchester to London in 1772. His boat was used to carry passengers as well as goods.

Cruise tourism provides and offers food, beverage, accommodation, recreational, casino, shopping, and other services to the tourist. It is like an informal industry which makes an arrangement of various services i.e., cruise packages and combines these with air travel to attract the potential customer.

The cruise package includes a plenty of facilities designed to meet the specific requirement of passengers – such as accommodation, food, beverage, deck games, swimming pool, yoga classes, quiet lounges, sheltered dock, library, casino, disco films.

Many cruises include special interest themes – like astronomy, yoga, meditation, sequence dancing, classical music and many more.

A cruise tour package may be defined as a systematically planned return journey with entertainment and recreational facilities on board, and shore excursion.

Cruises packages are designed and planned by Travya Tour for an individual group, families, FITs, business executives, honeymooners, and special interest tourists.

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Md. Asharzeb

I had a wonderful time! I love mountains. I had very much time spent on preparing to my first mountain climb. I loved how trainers and instructors helped me and the other guys from my group. There were neither difficulties nor problems. I got memorable impressions and I will come back!

Chandra Vancova

I’m an experienced climber and I went to an expedition with my friends. I loved friendly atmosphere and professional attitude of our instructors. We climbed the mountain effortlessly and everybody were happy! This sport is for adventurous and brave people. Thanks for awesome time!